Overwatch Players are not Crazy About Lucioball

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Summer Games are here and Lucioball is back as the featured game mode, to the dismay of some fans.

Overwatch players are taking to social media to voice their displeasure with the mode.

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Lucioball first appeared in the original Summer Games in 2016 and came back the following year.

Fans were expecting something new after the second iteration of Lucioball was not as popular as the first, but the 2018 Summer Games brought it back again.

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In addition to the lack of variety wit Summer Games, players are disappointed in the physics of Luciball and connection issues while playing the mode.

The map is also larger, resulting in a slower game and making it more difficult to take advantage of Lucio’s unique movements. Finally, Blizzard removed the ability to hit players with Lucio’s weapon, it now hits the ball only.

All the changes have resulted in a mode that players feel plays slower and less interesting than usual.

Below are some of the internet’s best reactions to Overwatch’s Lucioball

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Searching ‘Lucioball’ on the Overwatch subreddit gives a pretty good indication on how fans are feeling.

The reactions are not much better over on Twitter.

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The Overwatch Summer Games run until August 25.

While Lucioball might not be the most popular mode, players seem to like the new skins that came with the Summer Games.