Overwatch players are losing it over D.Va’s Season 30 rewards

overwatch dva competitive rewards season 30Blizzard Entertainment

Whether casual or competitive, Overwatch players seem to love D.Va. And that makes Season 30’s ranked playlist more enticing, as Blizzard Entertainment have delighted fans with a wildly memeable set of D.Va rewards.

Overwatch’s 30th competitive season is also known as the “XXX” season in Roman numerals, so you already know players are cracking jokes about D.Va being the poster girl for the new season.

One of the most beloved heroes in Overwatch history, the South Korean Starcraft pro now wields a destructive MEKA and plays a role in nearly every in-game meta. She’s also spawned legions of cosplays and fan art, so more Hana Song content is always a good thing for Overwatch fans.

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This season, which launched on September 2, features five different cosmetics linked to D.Va — some dependent on the rank you earn. 

Shared to Twitter by Naeri, fans are already gushing over, and joking about, the cosmetic rewards.

While some players mention that they finally “have a reason to get Top 500” (for the most elusive of the D.Va cosmetics), others have honed in on Blizzard’s cheeky behavior.

One user replied “they knew what they were doing,” while others called it “poetic that XXX would be D.Va.” Above all else, most just seem to think that this is Blizzard paying respects to the game’s cosplay culture, as D.Va’s headset is featured prominently in the cosmetics — just like it is among real fans.

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D.Va’s place in the Overwatch fandom is well-documented and has reached almost universal status. In 2020, renowned musician Halsey did her own cosplay of the hero, delighting fans everywhere.

So it’s no surprise that players are similarly delighted by more rewards centered around the fan-favorite hero. Whether these were purposefully linked to the Roman numerals or cosplay headset remains a mystery — but it’s obvious that the competition for Top 500 placements is going to be as tough as ever.

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