Overwatch players are convinced something big is coming for Widowmaker and Ilios

Bill Cooney

BlizzCon is right around the corner and Overwatch fans know something big is coming, and one of the possibilities being floated around Reddit right now is the theory that there will be a cinematic short featuring Widowmaker on Ilios.

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The two main pieces of evidence, according to Reddit user Karahe, are Widowmaker’s white sunglasses from her Cote D’Azur skin resting on a table in the Ilios Lighthouse stage, and a new voice line added with the recent Halloween Terror patch.

The sunglasses are not new, they were discovered over a year ago just after the 2017 Summer Games update but seem to have been forgotten about in the time since.

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The new Widowmaker voice line was added more recently, during the Halloween update, and has widow reminiscing about an eventful vacation she took to Ilios in the past.

This would fit with the theory that there’s a cinematic short on the way since Widowmaker has another voice line on King’s Row, where the “Alive” cinematic takes place.

Karahe goes into some pretty detailed speculation in his posts, they even translate the Greek newspapers on Ilios, but whatever is coming, if anything at all, remains a mystery.

Developer Update, we know there won’t be a new map revealed this year.

Overwatch has been known to tease new heroes, game modes and maps with in-game clues, so fans will have to wait and see whether or not this Widowmaker theory will pan out or just be a wild goose chase.