Overwatch player gets trapped by frustrating Hanamura glitch

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

One Blizzard recently announced fixes aimed at getting rid of an exploit that allows Torbjorn’s turrets to shoot through walls on certain maps.

Now, Reddit user ph7zoonit has posted a video that shows it’s possible to get stuck in a ceiling on Hanamura with no way out.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hanamura seems to be eating players.
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A Tracer-sized hole, at least

While defending Hanamura’s first point as Tracer, ph7zoonit gets backed into the room with a small healthpack just off of the point, and clips through the ceiling after the enemy Mei deploys an Ice Wall right underneath them.

In the room, they’re unable to do anything other then try and get out and not even Tracer’s Recall seems to be able to get her out.

To make things worse, they get stuck just as the enemy team takes the first point, essentially making it a five on six matchup for the second point.

A hero like Pharah would be able to eliminate themselves and be able to respawn, but so far we don’t know whether any other hero can get stuck up there, or if Tracer is just the right size to clip through.

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Is there a fix coming soon?

Like we mentioned earlier, Blizzard released a patch last week that fixed a bug that allowed Torbjorn’s turret to shoot through walls, but this is the first we’ve seen of this particular glitch.

We don’t know yet if this is a repeatable glitch, or if it was just a weird, one time thing, but it’s definitely something you don’t want to happen during a Competitive match.

With the Anniversary event coming to an end on June 10, we could very well see more Overwatch updates coming soon.

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