Overwatch player shows off the awesome potential of Torbjörn's new ultimate - Dexerto

Overwatch player shows off the awesome potential of Torbjörn’s new ultimate

Published: 29/Oct/2018 20:04 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 21:35

by Bill Cooney


The new Torbjörn update came out with the Halloween Terror update and based on this clip, it looks like players are starting to get the hang of how to fully take advantage of his unique new ultimate.

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The clip was posted to Reddit by user Unknwn-Legend, who was playing as Zarya while attacking on Junkertown just outside of the first spawn point. 

After a great Gravitron that catches five enemy players, Torbjörn throws his ultimate in and watches the enemy team burn with no hope of escape.

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The enemy Zarya and Reinhardt both try to use their shields, but Zarya’s breaks pretty quickly and Reinhardt’s does nothing against the molten metal sitting at his team’s feet.


A few seconds later, and the entire team is wiped out, thanks to a single well-coordinated Torbjörn ultimate. We don’t know whether Unknwn-Legend’s team ended up winning the match or not, but with coordination like that, there’s a good chance they did.

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Torb is the most recent hero to receive major changes, and Overwatch developers have said that Roadhog will be getting an update soon as well, and chances are it probably won’t be as extreme as Torbjörn’s rework.

The changes might also finally make Torbjörn a viable pick for players in the Overwatch League, but we’ll have to wait until the League gets going next year to find out.