Overwatch player shows off his unique method of communicating with Korean teammates

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch streamer Brian 'Kephrii' St. Pierre recently showed his Twitch viewers his interesting strategy to communicate with teammates in another language - a Google doc.


Global Esports announced on Monday that Kephrii would be joining their Pacific Overwatch Contenders side next season, where he will be one of the only non-Korean on the roster.

He doesn't think the language barrier will be a problem, though, as he showed viewers on Twitch his Google doc with a list of common Korean callouts for Overwatch.


"I did not start learning Korean," he informs viewers as he pulls up the list. "I have a Google doc, I usually keep this up open on my other monitor so I can do my callouts."

This might work for calling out things to other teammates, but it will be a different story if someone has to tell Kephrii something, it's pretty unlikely he'll take all that time to refer to his Google doc to figure out what they said.


The signing came as a surprise to some because Kephrii recently tweeted about how he couldn't imagine being a pro Overwatch player right now.

It seems like he's fully committed to Contenders, so we'll just have to wait and see how his unique form of communication works out for him.