Overwatch player shares way too much information before canceling competitive match

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment


In Overwatch’s Competitive mode, if one player from either team leaves before the match has gone on for too long it gets cancelled, which is just what happened to Jeff “emongg” Anderson, except the player who left decided to share a little too much personal information.


If a player leaves a competitive match within 30 seconds of the match starting, it’ll be cancelled and players won’t win or lose any SR.

Sometimes this can be a good thing, but when you’ve been waiting for over 10 minutes for a match, like emongg had, it can be downright infuriating.


The player who left decided to inform everyone else in the game that they forgot they were in queue, and that they were leaving to take care of some personal matters before heading off to bed.

“Yea I’m sorry I kinda wanna jerk off and go to sleep, I forgot I was in queue,’ that’s what he just typed, and then he left,” a stunned emongg says. “I just waited 10 and a half minutes.”


Emongg wasted 10 minutes waiting for a match that would end up being cancelled, but at least the player was honest about it, even if they did give out way too much information.

It could be that the player left and said something outrageous because they knew emongg was a streamer, but we may never really know.