Overwatch player shares epic skin redesigns for Mercy Funko POP! figures

Blizzard Entertainment / Funko

An insanely creative Overwatch player has breathed new life into Mercy’s Funko POP! figures, recreating two of the character’s most popular skins from the game for their custom version of the doll.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch made its debut in 2016, and quickly became one of the most popular FPS shooters in the industry. With a varied cast of characters, toy maker Funko announced the same year that they would be bringing the heroes to life with their POP! line.

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However, a fan not entirely satisfied with the designs released so far decided to make their own custom figurines. The community will be sure to be wowed as they have recreated two of the healer’s most popular skins.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Healer character has some of the most popular skins in the team-based shooter.

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Mercy Funko POP! custom skins

One of the most popular characters in the FPS is the angel doctor Mercy. The healer hero has the ability to fly to teammates with her wings, and can even bring players back to life with her resurrect ability.

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The character got her very own Funko POP! figurine in 2018 with two standard variants of her outfit. However a player got creative and re-created both the 2019 Atlantic All-Stars and Pink skins for the toy line.

Reddit user ‘lucky-c**t’ posted their creation on the Overwatch subreddit, and showed off the custom painted versions of Mercy. They look so good, it will make any fan wish they were real.

Reddit: lucky-c**t
A creative Overwatch fan brought two of Mercy’s most popular skins to life.

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The Mercy fan wrote on their Reddit submission that they decided to make the customs after being gifted too many of the Funko POP!s. “I started painting because people kept gifting me Mercy funkos,” they said.

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Another photo shows the doll up close with the hero’s 2019 All-Stars purple hair and striking blue eyes. The artist used multi-surface acrylic paint to get the job done.

Reddit: lucky-c**t
The healer hero’s ‘All-Star’ legendary skin was released in 2019.

This isn’t the first time they’ve redesigned Overwatch figurines either. On February 5th, the player shared their custom Brigitte POP!, bringing her recently released ‘GOAT’ skin to life.

Reddit: lucky-c**t
The Reddit user also shared a reskin for Brigitte’s figurine.

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Overwatch has continued to be one of the most successful competitive shooters since its release over four years ago. The game’s colorful roster of heroes has made it popular among figurine collectors and cosplayers.

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Blizzard Entertainment announced in 2019 that the FPS would be getting a sequel with new characters and modes, which also means fans will get a variety of new skins to obsess over.

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