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Overwatch player predicted Zenyatta’s kick buff almost 2 years ago

Published: 8/May/2022 22:15

by Philip Trahan


One Overwatch player shared proof they predicted Zenyatta’s recent Overwatch 2 buff nearly two years before it happened.

Roughly a week into the first Overwatch 2 beta, Blizzard released a patch on May 5 that nerfed Solider 76 and Lucio as well. However, a the biggest buff went to Zenyatta, by turning his melee kick into practically another ability that sends opponents flying.

Now, a Reddit user has claimed they “predicted” this new buff all the way back in 2020.

Player predicts Zenyatta’s Overwatch 2 kick

The post comes by way of the Overwatch subreddit by a user named “Jiltir.”

In a discord chat with another Overwatch player, Jiltir says that they think Zenyatta could benefit from a passive ability that “could shove people away with his melee.”


If that weren’t spot on already, they go on to clarify that the ability could look “like some small power kick.”

The buff in question is even referred to by Blizzard as “Super kick Zenyatta,” making Jiltir’s idea a perfect prediction.

Funnily enough, the player Jiltir pitched their idea to responded with a curt “Nah,” suggesting Zenyatta should instead get some sort of movement speed buff.

Those in the comments of the post have even started to meme the response, with a user replying “‘Nah’ – That guy who was wrong.”

I would just like to say that I predicted what the zen buffs could be a year and a half ago from Overwatch

Considering that it’s highly unlikely anyone from Blizzard saw this interaction, Jiltir’s prediction is quite impressive.


Zenyatta’s new “Snap Kick” melee will undoubtedly help the support hero’s survivability as aggressive players try to rush him down to stop his healing.

Players can expect more changes to the Support role in the future, as Blizzard has said they have more “exciting” new Support heroes planned for the game.