Overwatch player gives Reaper’s Wraith Form an awesome upgrade in Workshop

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has used the Workshop mode to make Reaper’s Wraith form look like and operate more like it does in Overwatch’s cinematic shorts.

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Reaper’s Wraith Form makes him invulnerable to damage for up to three seconds while giving him a 50 percent movement speed increase, but it doesn’t work the same way as shown in Overwatch’s shorts.

For example, when using Wraith form in game, Reaper can’t float through the air or move any differently than normal like he does in the “Recall” and “Infiltration” cinematics.

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“From the Shadows”

Not content with the current state of Wraith Form, Overwatch player Therister decided to use the Workshop mode into the ability it was always meant to be.

While using the ability in Therister’s mod, the camera goes into third person and allows the player to move in any direction, just like in the cinematics.

They also made Wraith Form look more like the cloud of smoke it resembles in the animated shorts, instead of just a see-through version of Reaper.

The ability definitely makes Reaper much tougher to deal with and allows him to outmaneuver and get the drop on almost any other hero on the map.

For players who want to try out the new and improved Wraith Form, the code is: NYD2J.

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June 18 patch brings Replay system and more

Overwatch got a major patch on June 18 that included a number of balance changes, introduced the Replay system and kicked off Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge.

Players have the chance to unlock a new player icon, new sprays and an Epic new Baptiste skin by winning games or watching Twitch streamers with Drops enabled.

With all the great Workshop modes coming out that affect Overwatch heroes abilities, some players have suggested that an Arcade mode be added with some of the upgrades, which would definitely shake things up a bit.

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