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Overwatch player finds elite hiding spot on Rialto

Published: 3/May/2020 17:18

by Michael Kelly


A Reddit user by the name of ‘Riteman’ has discovered a peculiar hiding spot on the Rialto map that allows players to stay completely out of sight from the enemy team.

The spot sits just beyond the attackers’ spawn in a set of bushes outside of the map’s first doorway. The way the hiding technique is executed is by using an emote and sitting in the bushes.

Keep in mind that if you were to remain perfectly still in these bushes, you wouldn’t be hidden. The strategy only works if your character is sitting down.

This is one of the best hiding spots in Overwatch in my opinion because you are literally hidden. Either use Lucio sit emote or even better, a Tracer sitting emote to stall the point in the beginning. MAP: Rialto Defense. (Yes I know its Quickplay but I also use it in competitive but its riskier) from r/Overwatch

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With this being said, it’s quite clear that Lucio and Tracer are two of the best heroes in the game to pull off this strategy with.

Due to their ability to quite literally take a seat thanks to their respective “chilling” and “sitting around” emotes, the pair can effectively stay hidden from the enemy team while hiding in the greenery.

And while this strategy might only seem like a niche way to get the jump on the enemy team, there’s definitely some competitive advantages to be had from pulling off this technique.

Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer is one of the heroes that can hide effectively on Rialto

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The obvious edge that you can gain over your opposition by hiding in these bushes is based purely around the positional upper-hand.


On defense, you can hide here before the enemies reveal themselves, and have a flank set up before the round even begins.

With Lucio, you can passively boost your teammates with either heals or speed while remaining completely out of sight.

Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio is one of the most mobile characters in Overwatch.

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On Tracer, you can wait until your enemies push up past the bridge and then reveal yourself for a quick flank. This, however, might seem dicey, considering your team’s overall throughput might decrease because of your lack of presence.

Considering shrubbery and greenery are eliminated from the game when you turn your graphics down, these bushes don’t appear for players who have “low” graphical settings.