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Overwatch player discovers you can tie on Payload maps

Published: 9/Jul/2019 23:09 Updated: 9/Jul/2019 23:42

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have discovered that you can actually end a Competitive match on a payload map in a draw, based on how the payload automatically moves.

There’s always the chance that an Overwatch Competitive match could end in a draw, except on King of the Hill maps, but players usually don’t see it happen on maps that involve pushing a payload.


Being such a rare occurrence could be why Reddit user MexieSMG’s clip of a Competitive match on Eichenwalde ending in a tie has gotten so much attention.

Blizzard EntertainmentYes, you can get a draw on Payload maps.

How can a payload map end in a draw?

When you first think about it, Payload maps ending in a tie seems like it should be impossible – there should be no way that both teams pushed it the exact same distance to force the draw.


But in the case of MexieSMG’s clip, it’s not the players moving the payload, but the automatic movement of the payload itself.

Blizzard EntertainmentAs any Lucio main will tell you, it’s all about staying on the payload no matter what.

On every payload map there are usually at least two checkpoints the payload has to pass through to complete the map, which the payload moves through automatically.

The checkpoint is usually a gate, or in the case of Eichenwalde, the wooden doors of the castle that the Payload breaks down.


After breaking down the doors, the payload actually moves on its own for a pretty good distance past the checkpoint.

This appears to be what happened in Mexie’s game, both teams got the payload past the second point on Eichenwalde, but were unable to push it any further than the distance the payload travels automatically – ending the match in a rare, but not impossible, draw.

What’s coming next to Overwatch?

After Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge ended on July 1, there’s been a bit of a lull in new Overwatch content and updates, but we do know that the Summer Games event will be starting sometime in early August.


Hero 31, whoever or whatever it may be, is also supposed to be arriving sometime this summer, but other than a possible teaser in Baptiste’s “What You Left Behind” short story, Blizzard has kept quiet.

Blizzard EntertainmentA lot of Overwatch fans think Mauga (center) will be Overwatch’s Hero 31.

Overwatch players may be starving for more info on the new Hero and Summer Games, but so far Blizzard has kept a tight lid on any upcoming content for the game.


Hilarious Overwatch clip shows the dangers of using D.Va’s ultimate

Published: 16/Oct/2020 0:14

by Theo Salaun


In Overwatch, D.Va’s ultimate is one of the most dangerous abilities in the game. As some fans are just now learning, that’s because it can be just as threatening to herself as it is for her enemies.

In the young days of Overwatch, D.Va’s Self-Destruct could also kill the MEKA’s infamous pilot, Hana Song, if you didn’t get to cover quickly enough. Now, those days are gone, and everyone’s favorite Starcraft pro can stand defiantly in the blast radius of her detonation without suffering a scratch.


However, the mobile suit conductor affectionately known as ‘Baby D.Va’ apparently faces an entirely different peril when sending out her imploding MEKA. Whether throwing the ultimate in a direction using her boosters or simply placing it where she stands, Baby D.Va has to hit the eject button and pop out of the back. This presents certain logistical considerations.

Normally, one throws the bomb and scurries to some amount of cover while awaiting the consequences of its blast. In pilot form, Song has just 150 health and a nice little blaster (appropriately named the Light Gun). The following clip is a PSA that enemies are not the only danger to her low-HP self, though.


I am a pro D.va Gamer from Overwatch

As Reddit’s ‘SouredApple’ demonstrates, the professional D.Va gamer must not only estimate the trajectory of her ultimate’s destructive capacity, but also of her eject. While they are adept enough to angle the bomb in a surprising manner that pulls off a teamfight-winning 3K, their ejection leads to an untimely demise.

Taking a sneaky route to the side, the bomb hits the enemy team from an unexpected angle and kills off all three attackers who are moving the payload toward Rialto’s first checkpoint. Unfortunately, that route also puts the back of D.Va’s MEKA toward the beautiful (yet deadly) canals of the Venetian map.

rialto overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s Rialto map has beautiful canals, but they are very dangerous.

SouredApple therefore becomes the martyr of their team’s fight, eliminating three payload-preoccupied enemies while popping themselves backward into the canal.


Not only does this moment give new meaning to the “Self-Destruct” moniker, but it also serves as an important PSA: you eject backward and Overwatch’s heroes can’t swim, so make sure water isn’t behind you.