Overwatch player discovers mind-blowing Mei and Symmetra flank on Dorado

Blizzard Entertainment

One big-brained Overwatch player has come up with a new defensive flanking route on Dorado for Mei and Symmetra that could really surprise the attacking team.

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Traditionally, when defending on Dorado, the quickest route back to the first point after respawning is to follow the path the payload takes through the gate.

That is, until Overwatch player ‘Andygmb’ shared his new defensive flanking route for Symmetra and Mei on Dorado that could give them the element of surprise.

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This is the route Andygmb’s new flank takes on Dorado.
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“I’m going to have to science the heck out of this”

The flank is pretty ingenious and takes players from the second spawn to the tall orange building right across from the first attacking spawn.

First, Mei and Symmetra have to position themselves on the stairs above the third attacking spawn and then take a leap of faith towards the gap in between there and the first area of the map.

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Before being eliminated, Mei has to put her Ice Wall out in the right spot to give her and Symmetra a platform to use her Teleporter, which gets them to the roof of the tall orange building preferred by snipers.

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Obviously this will take a little practice to get down, so a teammate who also knows what’s up is definitely needed to make this go smoothly.

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New Overwatch glitches?

Besides new flanking routes, Overwatch players have discovered a few new glitches this week, like Torbjorn’s turret being able to shoot through walls.

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On Volskaya and Dorado, Torbjorn is able to place his turret in certain areas to let it shoot through walls without taking any damage.

Blizzard doesn’t have the glitch listed in their known issues list for this patch, but with the amount of players complaining about it, they’ll probably want to fix it soon.

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