Overwatch player demonstrates hilarious spawn camera trick on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player showed off a hilarious camera trick on the offensive side of Watchpoint: Gibraltar.


On each map, the hero select menu is laid over a particular view of the map, differing for each spawn.

Though they often appear to be static images, the background to the hero select UI is actually an active camera filming a particular area of the map, meaning that players moving around within vision of it will actually show up.

On certain maps the camera, though hidden, is actually placed within the spawn building itself – meaning that if you know where it is, it’s possible to get up close with the camera, which gives the hero select menu a rather amusing view.


One such place is in the offensive spawn room at the beginning of Watchpoint: Gibraltar, as u/Drunken_Queen demonstrated.


The camera isn’t personal, it provides the same view for the entire team, meaning that anyone who gets up close like DrunkenQueen will be broadcasting their actions to anyone else on the hero select menu.

This isn’t a new trick, and nor is it the only map that it can be done on. For those that aren’t aware, however, DrunkenQueen demonstrates exactly where you need to stand to fill the hero select camera on Gibraltar.