Overwatch player creates "Stream Sniper" inspired Workshop mode

by Bill Cooney


One hard-working Overwatch player has created a mode that makes players have to think like their opponents in order to win.

Watching an opponent's screen is generally considered a pretty low move but with the popularity of Twitch, Stream Sniping people's broadcasting has never been easier - even if it isn’t as much of a problem in Overwatch as it is in Battle Royale games like Apex Legends.

Overwatch player Therister decided to make a “Screencheat” game mode in the Workshop that has players find opponents by using their perspective - just like stream sniping.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Normally only Sombra gets to be invisible.

Where is everybody?

In Therister’s mode every player is invisible, but you can see from other players' perspectives by holding the Interact (F) key and cycling through different opponents using the mouse buttons.

Players aren’t entirely invisible though: using your ultimate reveals enemy positions with a small red eye icon, so even though you know their positions, you still have to find them.

Widowmaker headshots against invisible targets are even more satisfying.

The game provides some pretty impressive highlight clips - there’s just something about taking out an invisible enemy, who was usually Sombra until now, that feels so good.

It’s also pretty amazing that Therister was able to make an entire playable game mode just based around being able to see your opponents screen using the Workshop. 

For players who want to try out Therister's "Screensteal" mode, the code is: BN1SC.

Overwatch Summer Games is starting soon 

The July 11 Overwatch Developer’s Update may not have had a ton of concrete information in it, but Jeff did let us know we can expect Summer Games to start a little earlier than it usually does in August.

That means we could be weeks or even just days away from the beginning of Summer Games and the return of Lucioball, which everyone either loves or absolutely despises with no in between.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
There will be new ways for players to earn skins this year for Summer Games.

Blizzard are shaking the event up this year by adding special challenges for each week of the event that will allow players to unlock an epic skin, similar in structure to the Bastet and Baptiste Reunion challenges.