Overwatch player creates horror PVE mode and it’s actually terrifying

. 2 years ago
Glitch in the System Overwatch concept
Therister, YouTube

Sometimes the options available in Overwatch just aren’t enough for players, with one putting together an epic glitched PVE mode that will actually scare you straight. 

The popular multiplayer game from Blizzard Entertainment is constantly evolving. It actually hosts a number of themed events depending on the season, with Halloween always one that impresses the online gaming community.

While the developer’s plans for the scariest night of the year are yet to be revealed, one player has given us a taste of what could come.

They have created their own player vs. environment game mode, where a glitch moves so fast you don’t know what to expect from one moment to the next.

Halloween in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch has had Halloween themed content in the past, but this concept is on another level.

Overwatch horror PVE mode concept

The Overwatch player base is well known as one of the most creative out there. Everything from detailed cosplays to fan art, it could be argued that this community tops the charts by a good distance.

On August 30, one more insane fan concept was revealed. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and it has even been given a name, ‘GLITCH IN THE SYSTEM.’

“I made a glitch-themed PvE HORROR game mode with A.I. monsters in Workshop!” the creator said in a Reddit thread.


The full trailer for the mode can be seen below, courtesy of Therister.

This is the type of thing that will really show you what you are made of. A number of in-game glitch animations appear regularly to throw off each hero involved, including pop-up messages that say “I’m here.”

It was put together using Overwatch’s Workshop tool, and the designer has even released more specific info on how it should be played. They posted: “This is GLITCH IN THE SYSTEM, a game mode where you have to find ten purple orbs to escape, all the while avoiding glitchy Sombra bots who relentlessly chase you down wherever you go using dynamically generated pathfinding.

“There are over 150 possible orb locations, ensuring every playthrough feels equally as helpless and stressful. The game gets increasingly terrifying as you collect more orbs, with glitched Sombra’s spawning more frequently and you seeing/hearing more and more hallucinations over time.”

This one might be built for four people to play at one time, but would you dare jumping in alone?

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