Overwatch player brings Dorado map to Minecraft in most epic way

Blizzard Entertainment / Mojang Studios

One of Overwatch’s oldest maps, Dorado, has been beautifully recreated in Minecraft with vibrant, bold colors that showcase how the map could look during the daytime.

Around four years after Overwatch debuted in May 2016, the game’s player base is anxious for news about its sequel, Overwatch 2, and hungry for their beloved FPS-MOBA hybrid to get revamped.

To help pass the time, some fans have even gone so far as to refresh the title themselves, imagining new skins, abilities, and even maps for 2016’s consensus Game of the Year.

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In one particular instance, a fan has called upon their impressive Minecraft skills to create an ode to Dorado, one of Overwatch’s original Payload maps. This isn’t the first time someone has recreated one of Blizzard’s maps in the sandbox title, and one can only hope that it won’t be the last.

dorado minecraft overwatchTwitter, @stefayylmao2
Facing the attackers’ spawn in Minecraft Dorado.
dorado minecraft overwatch 1Twitter, @stefayylmao2
Interior of the attackers’ spawn in Minecraft Dorado.
dorado minecraft overwatch 2Twitter, @stefayylmao2
The payload’s initial winding path in Minecraft Dorado.

While Dorado is best known to Overwatch players during the night, content creator ‘stefayylmao’ has given the map a daytime treatment, immediately highlighting its vibrancy and flamboyance.

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The colorful township is no longer lit by the dimmed navy of nighttime moonlight and the pale yellow exuded by lamps and closed windows, but, instead, by the blocky sun that blesses Minecraft’s entire Overworld with visibility.

This new treatment highlights the clays, yellows, pinks, and purples of the map, as well as the greenery of the surrounding mountains. Instead of simply referring to the real-world location that Dorado is based upon, the Manarola village in Italy, this gives Overwatch fans a chance to appreciate how the game’s Mexican town would look during the day.

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manarola italyFreepik / Wirestock
Manarola, Italy during the daytime.

The most popular pictures of Manarola are during dusk and at night, when splashes of light reveal the mountainous area’s brightly hued homes. But photos of it in the sun are equally impressive, as the cluster of vibrant buildings appears scattered around winding roads — perfectly fit as inspiration for the non-linear path of a Payload.

Stefayylmao is a YouTube editor for the Overwatch League’s Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi and therefore very familiar with Dorado. Their Minecraft ode is currently unfinished, but they explained that it might reach completion “sometime soon.”

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While it’s not a carbon copy of the game’s map, it unmistakably follows the energy put forth by Dorado and Manarola. Fans will be excited to see if it gets fully fleshed out and if Blizzard is inspired enough to introduce their own daytime version in Overwatch 2.

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