Overwatch play goes viral after point-winning Zarya 'yeet' on King’s Row - Dexerto

Overwatch play goes viral after point-winning Zarya ‘yeet’ on King’s Row

Published: 17/Feb/2020 21:33

by Michael Gwilliam


An amazing Overwatch play has gone viral for its creative use of Zarya’s Graviton Surge ultimate on one of the game’s most popular maps – King’s Row.

With only ten seconds remaining in their attack, Redditor OGNatan knew he had to make a big play for his team or else they would have been held at point A.

From behind the gate leading to the choke, the Zarya player told his team to “watch this Grav” and fired it up on the air over the enemy forces who were all playing on the point.

Blizzard Entertainment
Zarya’s ultimate is very powerful.

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“It’s going to be on point in about four seconds,” the off-tank alerted his teammates in Discord.


Amazingly, the ultimate ended up landing perfectly and gathered the enemy team in place leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

As the opposing team were all sucked into the black hole, OGNatan and his Wholehogging Roadhog were able to wipe the enemy squad with relative ease in overtime.

Sometimes you just gotta yeet it from Overwatch

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Judging by the Zarya’s stats, he was a force in capturing the point, picking up 11 kills and doing over 6,000 damage in trying to take A to get the payload moving alone.

Even some of the enemy team was impressed. In match chat, someone on the other team wrote, “nice one, jeez” and “that was hot.”


Not to be outdone and sticking to character, the Zarya wrote back, “I can bench more than you” – a nod to one of the hero’s popular voice lines.

Blizzard Entertainment
When she’s charged, Zarya does a lot of damage.

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In the comments of the Reddit post appropriately titled “sometimes you just gotta yeet it,” OGNatan explained that the clip came about during a warm up game with friends in Quick Play.

Surprisingly, the player is only high platinum rank. “I’m usually in the 2700-3100 range on tank though. I don’t really grind ranked that much anymore,” he wrote.

Regardless, it was an impressive display and sometimes that probably shouldn’t be attempted unless you’re extremely confident just as this player was.