Overwatch players uncover pixel-perfect Dorado ‘cheat’ spot for free headshots

Brad Norton
Overwatch Dorado gameplay

Overwatch might be five years old, but players have just uncovered a ridiculous new spot on Dorado that can lead to free kills with some pixel-perfect aim.

Dorado is an Escort map that’s been in rotation since Overwatch first released. Despite this, players are still uncovering new secrets in the Mexican locale. The latest discovery is one of the most dangerous yet and can even score your team an early fight win.

While pushing the payload through this Mexican locale, you’ll almost always come to a halt at the first major choke point. Right as you turn the second corner, enemies have the high ground from all angles.

There’s the walkway overhead, an elevated surface to either side, and even the path ahead is at an incline. If you can take control of this space, you’ll be setting yourself up for an insane trick that’s only just been thrown into the spotlight.

Overwatch Dorado gameplay
Fighting through the first phase of the map just got a whole lot easier thanks to this new trick.

If you’ve taken the high ground, your typical advantage is to shoot through the middle of the walkway. This exposed section allows you to peek over shields and get a better view of the enemy team.

Since it’s one of the more common vantage points on the map though, you almost always come under fire. Enemies know to quickly look up and knock you away from the pesky angle.

Thanks to a new discovery, you no longer have to worry about exposing your character model. You can shockingly fire at enemies below without risk of any incoming damage.

It turns out that shutters on this section of the map “aren’t completely closed,” as Reddit user ‘shadow503B’ pointed out. If you line it up just right, you can actually shoot through the tiniest little crack in the terrain. 

This pixel-perfect spot can only be utilized by certain DPS heroes. But with expert timing, it can outright flip a team fight on its head. A single pick from this one-sided viewpoint and your team could be set to capture the first point.

It goes to show that no matter how many hours you put into Overwatch, there’s always something new to be found. Given how powerful this new discovery is though, don’t be surprised if it’s patched out soon.