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Overwatch trick perfectly negates Baptiste's Immortality Field

Published: 6/Apr/2019 19:55

by Alan Bernal


The latest hero entry to Overwatch, Baptiste, made waves when fans found out about his incredibly useful Immortality Field. Though that part of his kit could be a bit overpowered, some players have already found a way around the ability.

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Fans of Blizzard’s team shooter have routinely found creative ways for utilizing the abilities from various heroes in the game to surprising effects.

The latest such exploit uses Mei’s Ice Wall to essentially negate the incredible safeguard radius that Baptiste’s Immortality Field provides.

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BlizzardBaptiste came into Overwatch with tons of use for potential comps, but the latest trick could cancel out one of his most useful abilities.

Negating the Immortality Field

In a Reddit post, user ‘mimjob’ showed how a strategically placed Ice Wall would spell doom for any opposing player relying on its effects to stay alive.


The video shows Mei placing an Ice Wall in between the drone and players on the other team. With the wall up, Mei can be seen shooting and eliminating two players inside of the Immortality Field’s radius.

It seems like the newest hero’s ability uses a line-of-sight type effect, meaning it will prevent any friendly character from dying, as intended, as long as there’s nothing obstructing the view of Baptiste’s drone to the player.

Upon experimentation, mimjob found that placing the wall negates Baptiste’s infamous ability, saying: “… As long as the wall is between the disc and enemy it will cancel out.”


Found a cool trick with Mei countering Baptiste frisbees from r/Overwatch

Adding to mimjob’s findings, other commenters suggested that the Immortality Field could be completely neutralized “so you [could] kill enemies on all sides of the wall.”

“You can put the (ice) wall directly under [Baptiste’s Immortality Field] and it will completely block it by engulfing it,” Redditor wamp01742 said.

Some commenters even said the same idea can be reproduced to great effect with other hero abilities such as “Reinhardt’s shield, Winston’s bubble or just about everything that removes (Line of Sight) from the [Immortality Field’s drone.]”

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Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste brings a lot to the table, but the new exploit makes his kit way more manageable.

Overwatch players who have been having a tough time coping with Baptiste’s annoying ability in the heat of battle might find comfort knowing there are some clever ways of nullifying its effects.