Overwatch: Why Mercy’s ‘superjump’ trick is worth learning

Overwatch’s Mercy can prove to be quite squishy when cornered by an enemy, so a simple trick can help players escape with some health to spare.

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Healers are undoubtedly the most important role in any Overwatch squad, as it’s crucial to keep teammates alive and their HP topped up – there’s nothing worse than a dead tank.

One fan has reminded players of a simple Mercy trick that could mean the difference between a win and a loss when in an ambush, and it could really save your skin.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThis Mercy trick is really useful.
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Mercy’s ‘superjump’

Reddit user ‘Canatee’ uploaded a video showing fans the technique with the healing hero on various maps, highlighting how crucial it can be in intense situations.

In one clip, Mercy uses the superjump to leap up and heal a Widowmaker with critical health, saving her from sudden death by a lurking Genji. 

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Another shows her suddenly bouncing up to revive a downed Widow and a dead Pharah on the Hollywood and Volskaya Industries maps.

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While the healer’s Guardian Angel move can be used to rush to the aid of teammates, the superjump trick allows for quicker speed when getting to a higher area, especially if the target can’t be reached with her standard move.

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How to do the Overwatch trick

To successfully pull off Mercy’s superjump trick, simply crouch and use her Guardian Angel ability at the exact same time.

It can prove difficult to nail at first, but once you’ve got the timing down, you’ll be bouncing off in no time at all. It’s easier if your target is stationary, but can work when moving if executed correctly.

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Blizzard EntertainmentIf performed correctly, the superjump can turn matches around.
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With October just around the corner and no word yet as to when the Halloween Terror event will start, players are itching for any news regarding new skins and arcade game modes.

The only Halloween skin Mercy has is the Witch one that was added back way back in 2016, so this year’s event could potentially see a second spooky skin added for the healing hero. Only time will tell.

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