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Overwatch match goes viral for becoming chaotic Torbjorn 1v1 hammer battle

Published: 5/Jun/2022 17:52

by Lawrence Scotti


A match of Overwatch has gone viral for turning into a Torbjorn 1v1 tournament using only his hammer, and players can’t get enough of it.

Although there are many cool heroes in the world of Overwatch, Torbjorn stands out from the pack thanks to his unique talents.

Rocking turrets to control chokepoints and an ultimate, Molten Core, which melts opponents in an instant, Torb has a fun and iconic kit.

Despite being known for these two main abilities, an OW player went viral for their video of a 1v1 tournament only battling it out with Torbjorn’s hammer.

Torbjorn Overwatch
Torbjorn got a nice visual upgrade from Over to Overwatch 2.

Torbjorn 1v1 hammer battle goes viral

A post on the Overwatch subreddit got over 6,000 upvotes in just one day after posting the epic Torbjorn brawl.


User TruceBrian posted the video which shows them playing on Blizzard World, telling the other team in game chat to “go Torb or cowards” for a 1v1 battle. The other team does, then they duke it out using only his trusty hammer.

Torbjorn’s hammer is mostly only used to repair his turret, but in this instance, was used for glorious battle.

Sadly for Brian, he loses both of the 1v1 Torbjorn battles and ends up rotating out for one of his teammates to take on the challenge.

Even though TruceBrian lost both duels, Reddit users still loved the video which has launched to the top of r/Overwatch.


The downed duelist commented below his post and said, “I hope you all appreciate my bravery for posting not just one, but two hammer battle losses in a row…”

One user offered comfort to Brian after his defeat, “It was painful, I hope you’ll be OK.”

It seems like Brian is going to have to up his Torbjorn hammer skills before the next 1v1 tournament takes place.