Overwatch Mardi Gras event and Ashe skin leaked

Connor Bennett
Overwatch's Ashe and B.O.BBlizzard

The upcoming Mardi Gras event for Overwatch appears to have been leaked by Twitch with fans getting rewarded for watching streams just a few days early.

Like plenty of other games, Overwatch has kept up with real-world celebrations by having events, big and small, for holidays like Halloween and the Christmas period. During these in-game events, fans have been able to grab some brand-new cosmetics for their favorite heroes that go away once it has concluded. 

With Mardi Gras being just around the corner, many fans have expected that Blizzard would have something up their sleeve, one way or another, and it appears as if that is the case thanks to a leak from Twitch. 

Ashe in original Overwatch skinBlizzard
Ashe appears to be the focus for this Overwatch event.

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It was pointed out by Twitter user La Nimi who claimed that their friend had received two Mardi Gras Ashe bundles – one for watching Overwatch for four hours and another watching for six hours. 

After asking for if anyone else had run into it, La Nimi was asked for video proof of the drops appearing in their Twitch inventory which they obliged with – showing that they had received a notification about the rewards and that they had slotted right in amongst other event content from the past. 

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Ashe skin

Update, February 25: Overwatch content creator Stylosa revealed that he’d spotted the Ashe skin on a YouTube thumbnail that appeared ahead of the official event reveal.

For anyone who didn’t see the video or grab anything from Twitch themselves, respected Overwatch leaker Naeri gave fans a better look at what had been leaked.

The close-up shots revealed the icons of what fans can expect to see when they receive one of these drops from Twitch with the Mardi Gras theme in full flow.

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Of course, the contents of these drops are still unknown but fans have been speculating that they will contain cosmetics for a number of characters – though Ashe looks set to be one of the main focuses. 

The Mardi Gras celebrations kick off with Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday as it is also known, which takes place on February 25 this year. That would seem to be the ideal date for this event to kick-off, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens as it could be sooner than that.