Overwatch lobby in disbelief after ‘first-ever’ Bastion ultimate team kill in OW2

bastion in hell in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 player has done what many thought was impossible: Get a team kill with Bastion’s ultimate.

Many heroes were completely reworked from their original Overwatch versions for the sequel to better fit the 5v5 gameplay, and Bastion was no exception.

While the hero seems far better than his OW1 counterpart, his ultimate has left the community a bit flustered and longing for the days of his Configuration Tank rather than his Artillery ultimate.

For quite awhile, it looked like players would never see a team kill with the Artillery strike… but that all changed and was caught on Twitch by streamer ‘dyxlecsic.’

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Bastion ultimateBlizzard
Bastion got some big changes in Overwatch 2.

Bastion player finally gets 5K team kill in Overwatch 2

During the stream, tank player dyxlecsic was on Reinhardt and his team was on the verge of capturing the final point of King’s Row.

With his Bastion activating his ultimate, the Reinhardt player spotted an opportunity to use his Earthshatter and brought the hammer down on the enemy squad with authority.

As their opponents hit the floor, the Bastion player, ‘MasterCaster,’ rained his Artillery strikes on the helpless adversaries who could only gaze up at the incoming military-grade barrage.

In mere moments, the enemy squad had been completely vaporized, securing the 5K and leaving everyone in the lobby, including dyxlecsic, in awe.

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“Holy!” he cried as his team laughed in excitement and the dust began to settle. “Dude, the first Bastion team kill maybe ever? I’ve never seen that!”

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we see a Bastion team kill in Overwatch 2, but for what seems to be the first, it was an explosive outcome and a pretty good ultimate combo on top of that!

Not bad for a hero that many felt was a throw pick back in the first game.