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Overwatch • Apr 13, 2019

Overwatch leak reveals dates for upcoming free-to-play promotion

Overwatch leak reveals dates for upcoming free-to-play promotion
Blizzard Entertainment

One enterprising Overwatch fan has discovered what appear to be dates for an upcoming free-to-play promotion for the game during the Storm Rising Archives event.


Storm Rising is the latest Archives event in Overwatch, and like Uprising and Retribution, it will feature a PvE mission for players.

It looks like Blizzard is hoping to use all the new content to encourage new players to try the game or old players to come back, with a free week beginning at the same time as Storm Rising.


Free to play, you say?

According to an image from Xbox Live posted to Reddit by Findlaya11 the free trial will run for one week, beginning with the start of Storm Rising on April 16.

Storm Rising runs until May 6, but the free trial only lasts until April 23, so to keep playing beyond that point, people will have to buy the game.

With a ton of new content coming for Storm Rising, including a possible new map, there’s no better time to try and attract new players or get old ones back.

We still don’t know whether the promotion will only be available in certain regions but it should be available on Xbox, PS4, and PC.



What else do we know about Storm Rising?

So far Overwatch has revealed five new skins for the event, so far for McCree, Moira, Baptiste, Junkrat and Hammond.

A new map, Havana, has been teased leading up to the event and in all of the skin reveals so far, but no exact details are known about it yet.

We do know that a new PvE event is coming, something that makes the Archives event something players look forward to every year.

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