Overwatch League’s player POV system had some issues on opening night

Bill Cooney
The Overwatch League

Fans who tuned in to the Overwatch League’s new POV system didn’t quite get what they bargained for on opening night.

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The new POV system lets viewers who purchase the 2019 All-Access Pass on Twitch watch matches from the perspective of any player on either team.

It’s definitely a groundbreaking system and, when it works, it’s definitely one of the cooler ways to watch a match.

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Clips on Twitch and various Reddit posts surfaced during the broadcast that pointed out the various visual and audio glitches the POV streams were experiencing.

At several points, many of the player streams looked more like an Overwatch-induced hallucinogenic experience than an OWL match.

Audio issues also popped up, and at one point during the match between the New York Excelsior and the Boston Uprising, both sound and video issues happening at the same time made for a very interesting viewing experience.

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The issues weren’t constant; some streams worked while others glitched out, and the main Overwatch League stream seemed to be working fine throughout the night.

Audio problems did seem to be happening on the POV streams throughout the night, even after the video issues were resolved.

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It was the first day back for everyone at the Overwatch League, including staff, so hopefully these issues are ironed out sooner, rather than later as they get used to the new system.