Overwatch League will give players new look at enhanced Mercy Super Jump ability

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

The head of the Overwatch League has confirmed that the Summer Showdown matches will feature a different version Mercy’s enhanced Super Jump than we saw at the end of the beta.

Overwatch 2’s second beta ended on July 18, but Blizzard devs are still hard at work tweaking and making changes to the game.

To reflect this, Sean Miller — head of the Overwatch League — has confirmed that Summer Showdown matches will be played on a build players haven’t seen before.

On August 1 Miller tweeted that Summer Showdown matches would be played on a bit of a different build than players had seen at the end of the second beta.

“The entirety of the Summer Showdown Tournament cycle will be played on a slightly modified patch from what Beta 2 ended on,” Miller wrote, along with a link to a blog post explaining the changes.

According to the post, this iteration of Super Jump “includes the directional control we added in the beta, but it also allows Mercy to super jump in a similar way as before”

“Before” meaning before the Overwatch 2 changes when Super Jump was just technically a bug in the first game, something players had complained about during the beta.

overwatch mercy glitch facial expression
Activision Blizzard
Work continues on Mercy to make Super Jump a true part of her kit in Overwatch 2.

It will be interesting to see these changes in action when Summer Showdown matches begin on August 11 — and whether or not they continue to tweak Mercy before the third and final Overwatch 2 beta as well.