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Overwatch League VP teases new direction for tournament skins after May Melee

Published: 7/May/2021 2:14

by Alan Bernal


The Vice President of the Overwatch League has explained more on how the company is exploring different ways to commemorate its season champions and event winners after discontinuing MVP skins.

For the first tournament of the year, Blizzard is releasing the MM-Mei skin for none other than the May Melee event. The skin is specifically for this tourney and is a unique way of marking the competition, which could start to be the trend.

After they canceled the MVP line, the studio said it was because they wanted to have an alternate solution that commemorates the team that won more than just the player.


Well, it seems that Blizzard is making more strides in that effort as the 2021 campaign progresses.

overwatch league mvp skin
Blizzard still wants to reward OWL winners with a skin, but are changing course on how to do it.

“There are other ways we’re trying to commemorate tournament winners in a game,” OWL VP Jon ‘Spex_J’ Spector said on the Plat Chat podcast. “Like the MM-Mei skin is generally awesome but you’re right it’s not a Dallas Fuel skin.”

“I think it would be cool to find a way to sort of celebrate whichever team is able to come out on top. So that’s something we’ve been working on too, and it’s something we’ll probably have more to share soon.”


This could mean that OWL is toying with the idea of general Championship skins for an entire team, rather than a specific player.

Since there are already general OWL skins in Overwatch, Blizzard could be experimenting on specific Hero skins picked by the players themselves.

(Timestamp at 9:47 for mobile viewers)

But for events like May Melee, Blizzard might already be showing their cards for what they plan to do for the next tournament.

“I think people generally look at what we’ve done in the past and use that to draw their own conclusions. This skin is clearly linked to the May Melee and can speculate on what comes next,” Spector said.


Regardless, these OWL-specific commemorative skins are some of the best to grace the game and fans will be interested to see how Blizzard decides to continue the tradition.