Overwatch League team trolls fans by ‘switching games’

Blizzard Entertainment

After falling to the Seoul Dynasty in the second round of the Overwatch League’s 2019 play-in tournament, the Guangzhou Charge jebaited fans with a “difficult announcement” about the future of the team.

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Guangzhou are one of the new expansion teams for Season 2, and finished in a respectable ninth place in their first Overwatch League season with a 15-13 record.

Of course, failing to make the playoffs is always disappointing, especially after getting a shot in your first season – but on Tuesday, September 3 the Charge appeared to be gearing up for some drastic changes.

The Charge failed to make it out of the Play-In round.
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What did the Charge say?

On Tuesday, the Charge tweeted they had to make a “difficult announcement” following the play-ins knockout.

“It is with a heavy heart this morning that we are forced to make a very difficult announcement,” the team said on Twitter. “The 2019 season obviously did not end how we wanted it to, and facing the extreme challenges of moving forward into 2020, we have reached an important decision at this juncture.”

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That type of tweet coming from an esports organization usually means one or more players or staff are getting cut, which is apparently just what the Charge wanted us to think.

Instead of any major roster changes or announcements, the Charge “announced” they would be switching to a new title – the “Untitled Goose Game”, where you play as a goose who runs around annoying people.

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What is the “Untitled Goose Game”?

The game is made by Australian video game company House House and comes out later this month on September 20.

The company asked for naming suggestions on Twitter, but ultimately decided to stick with “Untitled Goose Game” as the working name.

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So, Gunagzhou fans don’t have to worry about any major changes happening to the team, for now at least, since there’s no professional Goose Game league yet, that we know of at least.