Overwatch League’s Super claims Paris map is “dogsh*t” and leaks Stage 3 map pool

by square1


Overwatch pro Matthew 'Super' DeLisi accidentally leaked details about the map pool in Stage 3 of the Overwatch League, as well as expressing his disdain for the Paris assault map.

Super is currently a tank main for the San Francisco Shock and is considered to be one of the best tank players in the entire League - not a bad reputation to have.

During his May 27 stream of Competitive Overwatch, Super expressed contempt for the game’s fifth assault map Paris, stating, “this map is dogshit.”

Robert Paul / Blizzard Entertainment
Robert Paul / Blizzard Entertainment
Super is a tank main for the San Francisco Shock.

The Paris map was added back in February, making it the first new assault stage since Horizon Lunar Colony was implemented back in June 2017.

The Overwatch pro then went on to accidentally confirm Paris’ inclusion in Stage 3 of the OWL, saying, “Wait… I’m pretty sure it’s in the map pool next stage too.”

“Wait, is that public?” Super asks hastily, as he realises his mistake, “Wait… I don’t think that’s public. Oh, shit.”

Stage 3 of the OWL is due to take place between June 6 - July 7 with a total of 12 stages and all matches have a four-map pool.

The Overwatch League is getting trading cards

Overwatch League recently announced their partnership with Upper Deck, creating a multi-year deal to produce OWL trading cards.

The partnership will also produce merchandise such as stickers, prints, posters, and memorabilia, meaning fans can show their support for their favorite teams in brand new ways.

Blizzard Entertainment / Upper Deck
Blizzard Entertainment / Upper Deck
SF Shock's Sinatraa and London Spitfire's Gesture are just two players getting cards.

The first OWL trading card set will release on June 19, and “showcases fan-favorite players and teams from the league’s inaugural season”, suggesting that only Season One players will be available at first.

The trading card sets also include rare cards that have been signed by multiple players, and cards that feature highlight moments from Season One.