Overwatch League’s Sideshow slams Houston Outlaws as ‘straight garbage team’

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League analyst Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson labeled the Houston Outlaws as a “straight garbo team” following their win over the Los Angeles Valiant.

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In his pre-game predictions, the Overwatch analyst picked LA, who have yet to win a game this season, to take the victory in their match against Houston on March 9. Yet, things didn’t work out as he had predicted and the Outlaws picked up a 2-1 scoreline win following a scrappy series.

Clearly feeling good about themselves following the victory, the Outlaws took shots at Sideshow via Twitter – mocking his prediction.

However, the analyst didn’t take too kindly to that and savagely responded to the tweet live on stream.

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Robert Paul, Blizzard Entertainment
The Outlaws picked up a scrappy win against the Valiant

“It’s amazing the Houston thing – that they can brag about that win against Valiant,” Sideshow told his viewers. “It’s actually amazing that the fucking Outlaws Twitter thought that was a good win. Houston should be so disappointed about that win over Valiant.”

Sideshow wasn’t finished there, as he continued on: “Houston should actually be thanking their gods that they won that game and the fucking balls of that team to talk trash on me for thinking that Valiant were gonna win is unreal. Houston are a straight garbo team and they can fucking quote this.”

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“If they make playoffs it’s a bloody joke. It’s a bloody joke,” added the analyst. “Like, quote me right now Outlaws social media staff if you’re watching. 

“It’s unreal that you even won that match and it’s unreal that you think you can talk some shit against me for predicting Valiant to win that game.”

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After a less than impressive start to the second season of OWL, the Outlaws sit in 11th place with three wins from six games. 

They will need to make a significant improvement over the remainder of stage one if they want to qualify for the all-important playoffs – which would give them even more ammunition to go after Sideshow with. 

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