Overwatch League removing hero pools for Overwatch 2’s 2022 season

Overwatch Tracer with Overwatch 2 logoBlizzard

Overwatch League’s controversial hero pools will be a thing of the past once the Overwatch 2 season gets underway, as Blizzard has “no plans” for them. 

In the four years since the Overwatch League’s inception, there have been plenty of memorable comps and strategies that teams have gone through as the meta has shaken out. Though, there have been times when the meta has gone a little stale.

Hero Pools were brought in to change that fact and spice up the competition, putting heroes on a cooldown period where they couldn’t be used in competitive action.

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It didn’t take long for the move to become a controversial one, with teams having little time to practice and fully perfect a strategy. Though, that might not be a worry when it comes to the start of the Overwatch 2 season.

Overwatch Hero PoolsBlizzard Entertainment
Hero Pools have been a controversial Overwatch feature.

With OWL teams getting their hands on an Overwatch 2 beta ahead of the upcoming campaign, a few details have been revealed about what changes fans and players can expect for next season.

While Blizzard confirmed how the 2022 schedule will play out, what the map pool will look like, and a few other details, Sean Miller and Matt ‘Mr X’ Morello were quizzed on whether or not hero pools will return.

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“No hero pools for 2022,” Miller answered, shutting the idea down pretty bluntly. Morello added that there are “no plans” for them this season as “we wanna see everything available at all times.”

Plenty of fans rejoiced in the replies, noting that with Overwatch 2 being a new game, it makes sense that everything is open to be tested.

Obviously, the decision on hero pools could change later down the line but that’ll depend on how the new season shakes out and whether or not things can be implemented better than they have previously. For now, though, expect chaos.

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