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Overwatch League pros Jake and Muma explain how Baptiste could shake up the game’s meta

Published: 4/Mar/2019 21:29 Updated: 4/Mar/2019 21:47

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch League pros Jake ‘JAKE’ Lyon and Austin ‘MUMA’ Wilmot think the latest PTR updates could help revitalize the game.

In a press conference following the Outlaw’s 3-1 win over the Florida Mayhem, Muma and Jake talked about Overwatch’s newest hero Baptiste, and the slew of hero updates on the PTR.

The pair of pros thought Baptiste definitely has the potential to make a big mark on the game and its meta.

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Baptiste’s Immortality Shield could make for some strategies and team compositions that could be frustrating to go up against, Muma thought.

“I imagine a world where [the Immortality Field is] going to be really annoying with snipers,” he said in the interview.


Baptiste would be a good addition to Orisa-based team compositions, Jake theorized.

“An Orisa comp that naturally want to play behind Orisa is going to do really well with the amp field [Amplification Matrix],” Jake explained. “The most consistent way, in the past if you look back, to predict what a character will do is just think about their ultimate and don’t really care about anything else, because the game is about ultimates at the end of the day.”

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“I love the patches that change a lot of things,” Muma said in the interview. “Because it feels like you’re playing a fresh new game, and that’s a good thing.”


The updates to heroes are extensive, affecting more than half of the game’s roster — fans are still uncovering the effects the various buffs and nerfs are having on characters, like Lucio for example.

We still don’t know when Baptiste and all of the updates will go live. Based on previous PTR patches, it could be out by the end of March, but based on the size of this update, it could stay on the test region for a little longer.