Overwatch League pros Fragi and Bischu join the Guangzhou Charge

Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

The Philadelphia Fusion, Los Angeles Gladiators and the Guangzhou Charge all made some big roster moves on Wednesday, July 17 ahead of Overwatch League Stage 4.

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Following the Shanghai Dragon’s Stage 3 Finals win, teams have obviously decided to gear up for Stage 4 and Overwatch League pros Joona ‘Fragi’ Laine, Finley ‘Kyb’ Adisi and Hyung-seok ‘Bischu’ Kim will all find themselves on new rosters when things get going again.

It remains to be seen how the players will fit into their new rosters, but the shake up is definitely one of the most anticipated roster moves to happen yet in Season 2.

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A new home for Fragi

Fragi and his tank play are fan favorites for Philadelphia, but the Finnish player hasn’t had much of an impact this year, having spent the majority of Season 2 on the bench.

If Guangzhou is bringing him on that could mean Fragi-starved fans might finally get to see some of his main tank play in Stage 4 – but Gritty and Philadelphia fans will certainly miss having him around.

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Philadelphia traded Fragi to Guangzhou for British DPS player KYB, possibly in an effort to beef up their damage headed into Stage 4 and Grand Finals qualification.

Not to be left out, the Gladiators also got in on the action and sent Bischu and his D.Va, who’ve also seen sporadic playing time this year, over to the Charge.

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With these acquisitions the Charge have managed to beef up their tank roster significantly, so it will be interesting to see what they do come Stage 4.

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Big changes coming to Overwatch League?

At the time of writing, the leaked 2-2-2 role lock has all but been officially confirmed by Blizzard to be coming in Stage 4.

According to a leaked OWL conference call, some teams aren’t very happy with the changes being made, and wonder how it will affect them going forward.

Teams are also worried about how they’ll handle the new schedule next year, which does away with individual stages and could leave teams less time to practice.

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The Overwatch LeagueOverwatch League teams and fans still have a lot of questions about next season.
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Whatever ends up happening with role lock in Stage 4, Overwatch League teams and their fans will still have plenty of questions and concerns headed into the League’s third season.