Overwatch League pro Jake sparks controversy after slamming desk during match

. 3 years ago

As the Houston Outlaws were facing a potential sweep by the New York Excelsior, Overwatch pro Jacob ‘JAKE’ Lyon showed his frustrations with the match by slamming his desk on stage.

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The Outlaws have had a rough start to the second season of the Overwatch League, only winning one game in the first two weeks of competition.

Things didn’t get much better on Sunday when Houston got destroyed by the New York Excelsior, and Jake made it clear players are getting frustrated with the team’s performance so far as well.

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After failing to get a single point on Hollywood against the Excelsior, Jake let his desk have it just as the camera took his face stream live.

Things wouldn’t get much better though, as the Outlaws went on to lose Anubis, Route 66 and the match with a scoreline of 0-4.

Jake is usually considered one of the more professional and collected Overwatch League players, so if he’s this frustrated, the rest of the team can’t be far off either.

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Some fans weren’t used to such aggressive behavior from OWL players, but President of Gaming at the Kraft Group Chris ‘HuK’ Loranger, who owns the Boston Uprising, defended the slam.

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The Outlaws only have one match during Week Three, when they face the Florida Mayhem on Saturday, March 2.

Hopefully the Outlaws can earn a win against the new-look Mayhem and spare their fans, and furniture, from another defeat.

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