Overwatch League pro Architect takes matters into his own hands during tense match

by Bill Cooney


During an Overwatch match, a teammate of San Francisco Shock player Min-ho 'Architect' Park missed him with a Nanoboost, but that didn't stop the dps player from taking the battle against the enemy team into his own hands.


Ana's Nanoboost is one of the most useful ultimates in the game, and combined with Genji's Dragonsblade ultimate, it has the potential to wipe out entire teams in a few seconds.

So when an Ana player misses a Nano shot, it can spell disaster for the team's strategy going into the fight, that is, unless you have a player like Architect on your team.


As his team battles on Nepal's Village map, Architect calls for the Nanoboost to combine with his Genji's ultimate, instead, the Ana accidentally sends it out to Winston.

Not to be deterred, Architect takes out his blade, hops to the top of the tower and starts hacking away at the enemy Pharmercy.

After clearing the skies, he moves on to clean up the rest of his team while his teammates are left somewhat speechless by the sudden burst of offense.


The enemy Mercy and Pharah probably weren't expecting to be taken out by a marauding Genji like that, but for Architect it seemed like just a walk in the park.

Thanks to some quick thinking, Architecht's team was able to cruise to a victory, even if the Ana missed her Nano.