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Overwatch League meets Animal Crossing in stylish crossover

Published: 7/Jul/2019 22:23 Updated: 7/Jul/2019 23:30

by Meg Bethany Koepp


One talented fan has taken the Overwatch League team jerseys and put them straight into Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS – the results are amazing.

The Overwatch League team jerseys are a staple part of any fan’s wardrobe when it comes to representing their favorite squad, and come in three different styles: Home, Away, and the new alternate designs.

One dedicated advocate took their love for the OWL and created each team’s Home shirt in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS. The results are pretty cool.

Wonder which team Tom Nook supports

Reddit user ‘ploophole‘ took each of the OWL Home designs and implemented them into New Leaf using the pattern creator in the game’s textile shop. If you’re an Animal Crossing fan, you’ll know how much hard work it can be to create a pattern, so it’s crazy that they made designs for all 20 teams.

The creative fan even changed their character’s shoes to better color co-ordinate with each jersey, going the extra mile to show their dedication.

Reddit: ploophole

Fans absolutely loved it

‘ploophole’ showed off their awesome crossover designs on the official Overwatch subreddit, where fans of both of the franchises fell in love.

“These are superb!” one user said, loving the shirts so much that they wanted more. “Would you be able to do a plain Overwatch logo Tee as well?”

RedditPeople loved ploophole’s designs.

If you want the shirts for your own New Leaf town, ploophole has promised to share their QR codes for the shirts tomorrow, so make sure you check back for those. 

Players can scan QR codes into their game by using the sewing machine in the Able Sisters shop after talking to Sable for ten days in a row.

Redditploophole promises the Valiant and Paris codes soon – hopefully they’ll drop the rest too.

Seeing as some of the Overwatch heroes are animals, we would love to see an actual in-game crossover in the future – who knows?

For now, we’ll just have to cling to the hopes that Overwatch 2 will be bigger and better than the first.


Insane Overwatch Junkertown spot lets Widowmaker shoot through walls

Published: 30/Oct/2020 18:26

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to take the high ground on Junkertown second should beware of a sneaky wall where Widowmaker players can shoot through to score headshots.

Widowmaker thrives when she can dominate at a range and use her one-shot one-kill snipes to her advantage. The very threat of potentially having your head taken off from a mile away forces players to act differently.

Junkertown is one of the maps where the hero gets the most value with its long sightlines leading to all sorts of pick-off potential. And, as it turns out, some walls on its second point can be shot through if timed right.

As Twitch streamer Kragiee showed, while playing as Torbjorn, he attempted to duel a Widow at range and called it out to his team.

Widowmaker on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker’s ability to one shot heroes is a massive threat.

After his turret was destroyed, the player started using the hammer’s melee and ended up getting shot right through the wall, confusing his chat.

“WHAT?” many viewers wrote, trying to make sense of what they had just witnessed.

Once the dust had settled and the match ended, the streamer reviewed what just happened using the replay viewer.

Amusingly, Kragiee’s hammer and claw seemed to have clipped through the wall, causing the Widow player to see exactly where he was.

However, while the hammer and claw may have clipped through, it didn’t explain why or how the Widow was able to score a headshot onto the Torb.

As some users pointed out in the chat, there seems to be a small gap where the character fired her shot that allowed the bullet to go through the wall and connect onto the Swedish builder hero.

It’s also possible that Torbjorn’s head clipped through just enough so that he was vulnerable despite technically being on the other side.

Regardless, it’s something that both all players should be aware of in the event they find themselves in a duel on the second point and need any advantage they can get.