Overwatch League finally announces return of free Token Drops

Blizzard Entertainment

Drops are coming back to Overwatch League in a big way for the remainder of the 2020 season, giving fans a chance to earn Tokens, which can then be used for special skins.

Since moving broadcasts from Twitch to YouTube, fans were eager for the latter to implement some sort of system that would allow fans to earn League Tokens like they did during the league’s first two seasons.

Now, fans will be able to earn more Tokens than ever before, however, they will only be able to if they watch on the OWL website or mobile app.

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Fans with accounts linked to their Overwatch profile will receive five League Tokens for every hour they watch, an increase from previous years.

“Viewing time is tracked continuously, so if a fan watches 30 minutes in one session and returns later for another 30 minutes of viewing, that fan will get credit for that total accumulated hour,” the league explained.

Blizzard Entertainment
Fans will finally be able to earn Tokens for the new Florida skins.

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Additionally, viewing time only counts for watching live matches on the Overwatch League website or apps on iOS and Android.

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So, even though matches are still streamed on YouTube, if you’re looking to earn Tokens you need be signed into the OWL website or app, otherwise, your viewership won’t register.

Tokens can be used to purchased special League cosmetics such as skins and emotes. With the special Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won MVP skin still coming later this season, despite the star’s switch to Valorant. This is good news for anyone wanting to stock up before it’s released.

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Overwatch League awards Sinatraa of the Shock the 2019 MVP awardBen Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment
Sinatraa was named 2019 OWL MVP and has a skin coming in his honor.

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The return of Token Drops comes right as the League’s monthly tournament dubbed the “May Melee” begins on May 22.

In it, all the teams based in both the Asian and North American regions will compete in single-elimination brackets with the higher-seeded teams having byes to the later rounds.

With the Anniversary Event, Tokens, and the May tournament, there’s a lot of Overwatch readily available for fans and players alike.

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