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Overwatch League Fans Can Now View Official Stats for the Inaugural Season

Published: 7/Jun/2018 3:27 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Joe O'Brien


The Overwatch League stats page is now online for fans to view.

Fans can now see a full table of basic stats for all players in the league – kills, deaths, damage, healing – and sort by category to see how players rank in each.

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In addition to the full table of stats, a more detailed view is also available of each player, including the pick rates of their most popular heroes.

A lack of stats for third parties has been one of the bigger criticisms of the state of Overwatch as an esport. Third party sites like Winston’s Lab have done a good job of compiling statistics, but without access to the Overwatch API it’s an imperfect system.


Blizzard has access to advanced statistics throughout the league, as evidenced by the stats they frequently show on the broadcast. Until now, however, viewers outside of the league have been unable to see the full range of stats.

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A tab for the feature has existed on the Overwatch League website since its launch, but it’s taken until the fourth and final stage of the regular season for the numbers to actually become available.

Blizzard reportedly plans to expand the functionality of the statistics page, eventually hoping to include more advanced features like player comparisons and leaderboards.


The Overwatch League statistics page can be found here.