Overwatch League caster roasts DJ Khaled for his OWL Finals performance

by Bill Cooney


OWL caster Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles used his acceptance speech for Esports Live Event of the Year as a chance to poke some fun at DJ Khaled's memorable performance at the Overwatch League Grand Finals back in July.


Monte told the audience it was "a little awkward" for him to be up there accepting the award for Esports Live Event of the Year when so many people put in a ton of hard work to make the event happen.

"Frankly I think I had the easiest job in the Overwatch League Finals," he admitted to the audience. "Because after DJ Khaled's performance, anybody could have looked good."


Khaled's performance during the Finals might be the most memorable thing about the event, for those who aren't London Spitfire fans.

There are countless clips showcasing the regrettable performance, but the one featuring a young fan who seems very unimpressed with the halftime show takes the cake.


Overwatch cleaned up at the 2018 Esports Awards, taking home awards for Esports Live Event of the Year, Esports Game of the Year and Blizzard took home Esports Publisher of the Year.

Based on the reaction to DJ Khaled's performance, it will certainly be interesting to see who Blizzard picks for musical entertainment in Season 2, if they choose anyone at all.