Overwatch League pro Bumper embarrasses enemy Tracer with entertaining Reinhardt play

Blizzard Entertainment/Robert Paul

During Vancouver’s 4-0 Overwatch League rout of the Florida Mayhem on July 28, Titan’s player Sang-beom “Bumper” Park pulled off a simple play that embarrassed the enemy Tracer and ignited a bit of Twitter drama.

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Bumper came along with the rest of the Vancouver Titans squad from Contenders Korea and has since made a name for himself through his aggressive Reinhardt play.

It was no surprise that the Titan’s took down the Mayhem, but Bumper managed to keep the fans entertained like he usually does.

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The Pulse Bomb strikes back

As the Titans bullied Florida on Temple of Anubis, Bumper pinched some salt into the would with by dropping Jung-woo ‘Sayaplayer’ Ha’s ultimate back in his face.

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Sayaplayer is no slouch on Tracer, but he was obviously caught off guard by Bumper’s simple solution to his Pulse Bomb.

Robert Paul/Blizzard EntertainmentBumper after getting away from Sayaplayer (probably).
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After the bomb landed and stuck to Bumper’s shield, he simply dropped his shield and let gravity take care of the rest before putting it back up. Whether it landed on the inside or outside of the shield is tough to tell.

Sayaplayer may have been slightly out of position and ended up getting taken out by his own ultimate, instead of killing anyone else.

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Even if the Pulse Bomb had landed and taken out Bumper, it probably wouldn’t have been enough for the Mayhem to overtake the Titans anyway, with the way things were going during the match.

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A great play and then some

Bumper’s play was more than just a great clip, it also began a spirited discussion on Twitter between Dallas Fuel pro Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen and Overwatch League caster Wolf Schröder.

Wolf called Bumper’s move an “insane mechanical play”, which Taimou disagreed with, as he said Bumper simply dropped his shield, which is true. 

“Just like Dallas dropped in the standings? Pretty crazy,” the caster replied in a now-deleted tweet to the Fuel pro.

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After Wolf deleted the tweet, he apologized on r/OverwatchTMZ in a thread about the exchange between the two.

“My response to Taimou’s initial tweet was pretty bone-headed and rude,” he said. “Taimou is a friend and colleague and I got emotional when he called me out, so I responded poorly.”

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Taimou admitted his argument came down to whether the bomb landed inside or outside of the shield as well, so we’ll just call this one a draw for now.