Overwatch League Analyst Sideshow Talks About Fixing the Weakest Teams for Season Two

by Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Overwatch League analyst Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson has given his thoughts on what the weakest teams in the league should do before Season Two.

During a recent stream, Sideshow commented on what he would be considering for the Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel, and Florida Mayhem once the season ends were he in charge of those teams.


The Shanghai Dragons are by far the weakest team in the Overwatch League, still yet to win even a single series across the entire season. The addition of several new players for Stage 3 helped build a stronger squad on an individual basis, but they’ve yet to actually find a win.

Though the new Korean players have largely been the bright spots of the team, Sideshow actually recommends selling them ahead of season two. They are likely to be desirable to other teams – particularly Kim ‘Geguri’ , who as the league’s only female player commands a significant spotlight as well as impressive talent in-game – while the Dragons are likely to have their pick of Chinese players to rebuild with.


Unlike the other two, the Florida Mayhem have shown signs of promise as the league has progressed. Though the team had a very weak start to the league, the reinforcements in the off season – particularly the addition of ‘Sayaplayer’ , who has quickly established himself as one of the most deadly Widowmakers in the league – helped to at least give the team some bright spots.

Unfortunately, while the team certainly looks better in-game, it hasn’t translated into much more success, as the rest of the league continues to improve at a commensurate rate.

For the Dallas Fuel, Sideshow implies, as others have suggested, that a major rebuild will be necessary, stating that the players are at this point “playing for their jobs”.