Overwatch: How to break bunkers on Eichenwalde with epic Junkrat tactic

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player showed off an epic Junkrat tactic to break the defending ‘bunker’ on Eichenwalde’s first point.

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Stage one of Eichenwalde features one of the most notoriously tough chokepoints to break through for the attacking side, with the offensive side having to make their way under the bridge to reach the capture point.

While this choke point has long since been changed to give attackers another path through the adjacent room, in most cases the team nevertheless has to flood through from the same direction and at the same height, giving defenders fairly easy targets.

Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat isn’t a traditional ‘dive’ hero, but he does have enough movement to take some creative flanks.
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It’s not impossible, however, for attackers to take some more creative routes to the point, however, and u/PVPxOfficial made use of the enemy’s narrow focus on the choke point to wipe them out with an epic Junkrat flank.

Using a triple Concussion Mine jump, PVPx launched himself over the buildings, above the enemy bunker and landed behind them, where he immediately used his Riptire for a back-line explosion that wiped out the unsuspecting team.

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Junkrat’s Riptire can be one of the more powerful ultimates in the game, with the only larger explosion coming from D.Va’s Self-Destruct. To balance its destructive force, however, it’s also one of the easier ultimates to avoid or counter, with sound cues warning the enemy of it’s approach and the tire itself vulnerable to being destroyed.

When the enemy is completely caught off guard by the arrival of the tire, however, it can be used to devastating effect, as PVPx demonstrates.

Variations on the ‘bunker’ composition, which use Orisa’s static shield to set up a defensive “bunker” that can be incredibly tough to break, have seen a rise in popularity recently, but they’ve always been popular for defend on Eichenwalde stage one due to the nature of this choke point, and this tactic is a useful trick to have up your sleeve if you’re struggling to break through.

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