Overwatch Jan 25 update adds Mercy buff & Lunar New Year Event: patch notes

Mercy ow buffBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch patch has gone live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch bringing the 2022 Lunar New Year Event and a nice buff to Mercy with it.

The Lunar New Year Event is one of the standouts on the Overwatch calendar as it honors the Chinese New Year with each event specific to the Zodiac sign.

For 2022, it’s Year of the Tiger and there are a handful of new skins and other cosmetic items for players to unlock.

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In particular, there is an amazing new Mercy skin that players are going crazy for. The timing of the new skin couldn’t be better either as there is a great buff coming her way.

OW lunar new yearBlizzard Entertainment
The Lunar New Year has some new skins for players to unlock.

Now, when Mercy looks to perform a Resurrection, she can finally attempt to revive allies who have died in environmental death pits.

This should give Mercy more chances to pull off a big Rez and that isn’t the only buff to the ability. As of this patch, by holding down the Resurrect button when it’s on cooldown, Mercy will attempt it once the cooldown finishes.

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These changes should be nice quality of life changes that will make the hero a bit more consistent to play and end the struggles of having resurrected markers fall into death pits never to be seen again.

Full patch notes:


We’re celebrating Lunar New Year with luminous new seasonal items, including legendary skins Nezha Tracer and Seolbim Mercy! Additionally, this event launches the fifth competitive season of Capture the Flag, and the Bounty Hunter mode has returned!

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Learn more about Lunar New Year on PlayOverwatch.com 21.

HERO UPDATES Mercy Resurrect

  • Mercy can now attempt to resurrect teammates who die in environmental death pits
  • When resurrecting, the resurrect marker will now freeze in place for the duration of the resurrection.
  • Dev Note: Previously, if a teammate died over a death pit their resurrect marker was hidden and fell into the pit. Now, Mercy will see their resurrect market and can resurrect before it falls to the bottom.
  • Holding the ability button for resurrect while it’s on cooldown will now attempt the resurrect once the cooldown finishes


  • Fixed an issue where Season 32 open queue stats were not appearing in career profile


  • Addressed a geometry exploit on Watchpoint: Gibraltar


  • Fixed a bug that caused Ana’s Scope to activate when cancelling Nano Boost target confirmation
  • Fixed a bug that caused the parrot on Ana’s Corsair skin to disappear in hero select


  • Fixed a bug that caused Symmetra’s name plate to appear in the middle of her model
  • Addressed an audio issue during Symmetra’s “Have a seat” emote.

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