Fan-made video will make you wish Overwatch characters were really in Super Smash Bros

by David Purcell


One Overwatch fan just couldn't help themselves from thinking what it would be like to see all of the game's characters introduced in the same way as fighters from Super Smash Bros. So, they made this incredible video!


The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Rein Hawk, shows a number of Overwatch characters striking a pose from their original in-game cinematic intros. 

Heroes involved in the video include Orisa, Pharah, Sombra and others, with some rather dramatic remixed music in the background to replace the usual narrating from Winston. 



It could be interesting to see how some of the Overwatch characters would fare if they came up against some of Nintendo's most popular characters, such as Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong and others, and this incredible Smash-themed intro goes some way in showing fans just how it might look. 

Donkey Kong, Mario and others battle it out on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been growing in popularity ever since its release on December 9, and as we can see from this video - to some extent - people who play a variety of different games are already thinking about how some crossovers may look. 

Other players have created videos for a potential crossover between Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Fortnite, which got us thinking about five popular characters we think deserve to be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.