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Overwatch ‘infinite XP’ bug goes viral but doesn’t actually work

Published: 14/Jul/2021 16:43

by Lauren Bergin


Endorsing other players in Overwatch is one of the easiest (and nicest) ways to cut out some of the grind, but it turns out there’s an in-game bug that’s giving players infinite XP.

Every gamer has hit that wall when they’ve been on the grind, and Overwatch fans are no different. With an apparent lack of cosmetics to grind for, many longtime players are struggling to level up in-game.

With Overwatch 2’s release date remaining a mystery, it seems like players will either need to keep battling their way through the infamous Quick Play or struggling against bots and hackers in Competitive Mode.


One fan, though, has encountered a hilarious in-game bug that appears to be giving players infinite amounts of XP, in turn making that grind a lot less painful. However, there’s a catch.

Roadhog thumbs up with Overwatch endorsement system
Blizzard Entertainment
Dropping someone a little compliment can brighten their day! And it also gives you XP.

Overwatch fan finds infinite XP bug

While taking the moral high ground and complimenting their teammates, one player has uncovered an insane glitch that appears to be allowing you to continually endorse another player.

Once you’ve endorsed someone, or alternatively endorsed them in a previous game, you won’t be able to do so again. You also can’t sneak members of your party one of these adorable in-game compliments either.

This Reddit clip, however, shows the player continually endorsing their team’s Reinhardt (who is also a party member) without reaching a cap. For every endorsement the giving player receives 50XP, so at first glance, this looks like a great way to earn XP fast.


Overwatch broke, have infinite exp instead! from Overwatch

It turns out that there’s a little bit of a catch, though. The original poster admitted that they “wish it had actually given me any EXP,” implying that this isn’t some amazing new hack, but an in-game error.

One respondent recalls that this also happened to them. “​​Same thing happened to me on PS4 a while back. Didn’t film it, didn’t get the EXP….so I hope all these upvotes and karma feel great. Here’s a freakin’ medal too…”

Another jokingly writes “POV: you’re the Rein getting endorsed, trying to read match chat,” with a second commenter following up “wow, endorsement level 720 is quite high.”


In reality, however, one player suggested that this is “​​most certainly client-side due to lag/lost packets and hence the server not acknowledging the endorsements.”

So, whether we like it or not, this isn’t the new way to farm loads of XP and quickly become the best hero that the Overwatch universe has ever seen.

Looks like it’s back to the grind folks, but at least if this happens you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave your teammate a dozen little compliments. Or, if it’s a friend, you can always cheekily spam them too!