Overwatch: How to improve your Ana shots

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A neat Overwatch trick could help players to improve their Ana play by taking advantage of one of the character’s key moves.

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Ana is one of the harder Overwatch heroes to master, as her shots require precise aim and a quick trigger finger to deal damage to enemies. For those who prefer a less accurate style of play, she can prove difficult.

One genius fan has discovered an exploit of sorts that could help players to improve their gameplay with the hero, and it’s simple but effective.

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How to improve your Ana shots

YouTuber ‘Hexicity’ uploaded a tutorial video on September 11 that shows the simple trick, using the game’s Practice Range to describe it in depth.

In the clip, the fan revealed that if you use Ana’s melee attack right before going into her scope to take a shot, it actually makes the animation instant, therefore speeding it up.

He then demonstrated the discovery on some training bots, and shows the difference in pacing when using the technique and without.

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Shooting fast with the hero is key, so shaving off some time – no matter how small – could prove to be a great advantage in battle.

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Improving Ana’s grenades

Another skill some Overwatch players struggle with is landing Ana’s Biotic Grenade with precision – whether that’s to heal a teammate or impair an enemy.

Reddit user and infamous creator ‘DarwinStreams‘ made the perfect tool to help players perfect their throw with the hero’s grenade by using the game’s Workshop mode.

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In the mode, players can practise their Ana throws by using a collision marker that shows exactly where the projectile will land, while also detailing how long it will take.

Overwatch fans wanting to try out the mode can do so with the code QHQ8E.

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Overwatch is headed to the Nintendo Switch on October 15, making its handheld debut for the very first time. 

It will also feature motion controls, which could also provide a more precise shot when aiming down Ana’s sights.

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