Overwatch heroes get their own Pokemon cards in custom fan collection

overwatch pokemon cardsThe Pokemon Company, Blizzard

A Reddit user’s card collection has fans in awe because of its unique Pokemon cards styled after Overwatch heroes.

Collectible trading cards have enamored kids and adults alike for several generations, from baseball cards to those of the Pokemon-branded variety.

It’s a wonder they aren’t more prevalent across globally recognized franchises. This is where fan-made efforts come in, however. And one creator on Etsy has made a name for themselves by crafting custom Overwatch cards.

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They’ve gone above and beyond in accomplishing such a feat, adding a Pokemon-style flair that has collectors itching for more.

Fan shares awesome Overwatch-themed Pokemon cards

On the Overwatch subreddit, a user named Kqthryn showcased a number of Overwatch trading cards they purchased through an Etsy seller, CartanovaCardz.

These aren’t just any ordinary trading cards, though. Rather, the Redditor’s collection consists of cards that combine Pokemon creatures and OW heroes.

The Mewra card, for example, merges Mewtwo and Overwatch’s Moira. Meanwhile, another combines Lucio and the amphibian Pokemon Politoed.

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The Overwatch and Pokemon trading card crossover may seem an unlikely combination, but fans on Reddit agree the collectibles are “absolutely amazing.”

“Mewtwo/Moira is the crossover I never knew I needed,” one Redditor wrote in response to the post. Someone else chimed in with, “never expected to see this crossover and it’s actually really well done.”

Those interested in purchasing a set of their own can buy the Etsy seller’s “Master Set,” which comes with 10 Pokemon x Overwatch cards for $50. The quality of the cards suggests it’s a good deal.

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Given the troubles involved in purchasing real Pokemon cards, this may be a safe bet for collectors wanting something new.

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