Overwatch hero concept combines 3 heroes together & it’s surprisingly brilliant

overwatch moira echo mercy stand on horizon lunar colonyBlizzard Entertainment

Ever wondered what a mashup of Overwatch heroes Moira, Echo, and Mercy would look like? Well, these stunning fusion designs have got you covered.

Every character on Overwatch’s extensive roster of heroes and villains is gifted with their own unique set of skills to help them turn the tide of battle.

Three of these are supports Mercy and Moira, and omnic DPS, Echo, whose extensive list of talents range from draining the life force of their opponents, to transforming into enemies and crushing them with their own powers.

Ever wondered what a mashup of these three would look like, though? One Overwatch fan has combined the them to create three different ‘fusion’ characters – and they look amazing.

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Overwatch echo using duplication ultimate to turn into tracer doomfist genji sigma pharah mercyBlizzard Entertainment
Echo won’t just be duplicating Mercy – she IS Mercy!

Overwatch fan creates Echo, Mercy & Moira ‘fusions’

Writing that “fusions are a pretty big thing in the Pokemon and Steven Universe fandoms,” artist u/Sylvaurr notes “I thought it would be fun to apply the same mechanic to some of my favorite Overwatch heroes!”

Creating three different heroes – Panacea, Genesis, and Resonance – each of her designs is made up of two existing Overwatch characters. Panacea is Mercy/Moira, Genesis is Mercy/Echo, and Resonance is Moira/Echo.

Each one has a detailed breakdown of their abilities, which weaves together elements of their original kits together to create devastating attacks.

They’ve even included a YouTube video centering around Resonance, who’s energy-based attacks function like Echo’s projectiles but have the regenerative and destructive elements of Moira’s Biotic Grasp. Poor Soldier 76 didn’t stand a chance.

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It turns out that these three new (yet somewhat familar) faces are exactly what fans want to see make it into Overwatch.

“OMG THIS IS AMAZING! I’d love to see more of these if you get inspired to do others,” states one, while another comments “honestly if they inserted this into the game it could automatically create new characters and make the game fun again.”

A final response says “if Blizzard sees this and doesn’t hire you I’m going to eat my next lootbox,” which is something we’d like to see.

While the likelihood of fusion characters making it into the game remains pretty slim, we may see some sort of mechanic that allows for it in Overwatch 2. Until then, cross your fingers and hope for the best – c’mon, just look at Panacea! We need her.

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