Overwatch’s Hero 30 mystery intensifies with discovery of secret room in Paris map

A puzzle has mystified Overwatch players since the release of the Paris map, but another clue may have been discovered.

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The mystery began when the official Overwatch site hinted at something beyond the new Paris map, which launched on PC and console on February 20th.

“Paris is a city of hidden gems, search out the speakeasies and hidden places as you roam the city. The right word might get you into a place you never knew existed,” read the curious text on the Overwatch website. With a 30th Overwatch character seemingly on the way soon, map hints might lead to a clue about the new character, similar to how the Doomfist artifact went missing.

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After hearing about the possible new places and speakeasies, the Overwatch community frantically searched the new map, finding a strange door that led nowhere.

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The door had a French saying spraypainted above it, “nous vous surveillons.” The saying translates to “we monitor you” or “we are watching you.”

Why are they watching us?
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Unfortunately. Players could not find a way in, as even glitching outside of the map had a number of invisible walls that prevented access to what was behind the door. Until now.

Overwatch player Zezombye managed to glitch into the room with a well placed Doomfist Meteor Strike.

via Gfycat

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The object in the room, as spotted by Zezombye.

Interestingly enough, there is actually something behind the door! What exactly it is though, is still a mystery.

Maybe Blizzard has yet to add the secret to Paris, or maybe fans are getting a little carried away and there is no secret at all. That random object in the room would certainly seem to not be an accident, as most glitch spots are empty.